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your:brand:culture or YBC, are a team of brand engagement specialists that unite to build & enhance 'brands' through events, film and tv, Commercials, Photo-shoots, Social Media campaigns and an influencer network. 

Through a carefully thought-out themetic strategy which when implemented, that will engage and resonate with the designated audience.

your:brand:culture,believes that creating the opportunity for brands to offer authentic 'gift to hand' experiences , delivered through partnering with other brands and organisations, will build a strong equitablerelationship 

Partnering with REACT SA, the market research data and our engagement strategy will bring inspiration and brand strength to promotions, activation's and events.


We know that when you fully engage an audience with a brand and the culture surrounding it, you create a very powerful, dynamic, centered, philosophy that enriches and creates  lasting brand equity.

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Brand Integration


Brands that are successful, depend on a variety of cultural and connected experience's. 

A novel way and one with a proven sure fire reward are the gift-to-hand opportunities at awards and events that mix celebrities, influencers and hosts in one venue, and allow a brand to get photographed with a celebrity they feel epitomises their brands aspiring ideals. These opportunities come along in various degrees from gifting rooms, with invited celebrities to a more general gift to hand offer to those attending. Other opportunities arise with a more targeted approach through TV shows that are associated with that brands products. YBC works closely with brands and producers to pair them, so that both gain the dynamic and reward required at the end of the day.

Integrative Marketing and Branding


  1. Consumer to brand market research 
  2. Analyzing research data
  3. Implementation of strategy
  4. Implemention of all processes
  5. Product development direction
  6. Core business alignment 
  7. Social media positioning and influencer's.

When working with client's to create an impressionable engagement process, success is defined by understanding the demography, lifestyle and location then manoeuvring the brand to match the  audience.

Reference of the month

The Prestige Cosmetics Group

Selling to Men Workshop: CHANEL

I would like to thank you for your valuable contribution towards CHANEL’s ‘Selling to Men’ workshop. Your experience in the world of luxury and male market was evident. The feedback from our sales team was amazing and they are very excited to use the tips and techniques shared to capture the male market.

We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Warm Regards,

Praveshni Govender

National Training and Business Development Manager 

December 2018

For more information on our Staff  / Brand Ambassador sales training workshops. 

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Stewart Richard Grays for YBC, and Grant Lindhorst  of REACT, head up a team of marketing and brand engagement specialists with their combined years of experience in their respective fields, will always work to benefit  the client's interest.


Port Elizabeth & Johannesburg, South Africa

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At YBC, we help our clients build connections through authentic stories, characteristic innovations, and heartening experiences that are deep, powerful, and lasting.